Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taken - Between Two Unseens EP (2004)

Released July, 2004
Goodfellow Records

1. Arrested Impulse
2. The Duke
3. Treaded Paths
4. Eternity Was On Our Lips
5. Swirling Memories

Taken's final release, the "Between Two Unseens" EP, sees the band at the pinnacle of their sound. Much like Skycamefalling's final 2 song EP which showed the world what they would have sounded like had they stayed together, "Between Two Unseens" shows the stellar capability that these five guys had of making incredible music. It really is a shame that this is their final release, because this by far overshadows any of their previous work, even when it's only a meager five songs, and 24 minutes in length. However if you have ever listened to Taken, or are a fan of progressive hardcore, ala Fordirelifesake, then "Between Two Unseens" is a great recommendation. The special edition with the Bonus DVD containing one of the band's final shows at Chain Reaction is a great touch. Such a shame this is the last thing we will ever hear from them. 

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